If you knew what other businesses in your region and industry were doing to improve their customer service capabilities in 2016, you would likely take notice and perhaps do some of the very same things.


That's what this very insightful and 100 percent non-promotional infographic is all about. It shares 50 critical statistics on the customer service industry, along with recommendations on the types of solutions you should invest in to bolster your service in 2016.


Specifically, you'll learn about:


  1. Which call center optimization tools are must haves
  2. What customer service attributes project a stellar brand 
  3. Where companies are investing their customer service technology dollars
  4. How the average consumer feels about the service they receive (specific gripes and recommendations for improvement)
  5. What are important metrics to consider in your call center?
  6. Attributes of high performing customer service agents/teams
  7. Customer service global trends
  8. Mobile global trends



Download this infographic today!