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We asked call center and enterprise professionals on LinkedIn for their input!


These are the questions we asked:



1. Is Call Recording Necessary?

2. Which is Better - Live Monitoring or Selective Recording?


This short ebook shares all 25+ detailed and insightful responses!!




"Call recording helps us meet compliance requirements, validate proof of purchase/registration or cancellation and provides our quality team with data to assess customer service, sales proficiency and analyze workflows." (Triniade J., Director Commercial, call center solutions, Telecom Company)


"Both selective recording (for quality monitoring) and live monitoring are important.  First, all calls should be recorded. When an unsatisfied customer is identified, monitored calls show exactly what happened during the call. Live and recorded call monitoring should also be used to gauge your agent’s soft skills, their technical competency, and professionalism. Both are great coaching and training tools." (Tom A., Technical Support Center Manager)




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