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While the perennial "suite solution" versus "individual/point solution" debate carries on in the call center management space, the suite/all-in-one approach is certainly gaining steam, and for many good reasons.


In this 100% informational ebook, you will learn about:


  • The specific requirements and challenges of a point solution approach - e.g. multiple vendors and SLAs to manage, more than one "single version of the truth"...
  • Product-related benefits of a suite/all-in-one approach - e.g. streamlined maintenance and upgrades, integrated reporting...
  • Vendor-related benefits of a suite/all-in-one approach - e.g. only one company to negotiate discounts from, just one support team to rely on...
  • Desired components of an all-in-one call center management suite


You will also hear various insightful quotes from leading analysts such as Gartner, DMG Consulting, Forrester and Frost & Sullivan


Forrester Research - 2014 - "Suite solutions today must be weighed against the integration pain from coupling multiple customer service solutions together, the overhead of managing software upgrades from different vendors, the overhead of managing multiple contracts from different vendors, and the risk of these best-of-breed solutions being acquired.”

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