open source call recording software

Learn why open source based call recording software could save you thousands!


Only three open source based call recording software providers exist today, and the benefits of using one of these providers can be immense to your business and bottom line.


Read this informative, non-promotional white paper to learn how open source based call recording software can have a significant impact on your:


1. Total cost of ownership - open source based systems cost a fraction of the price; installation takes mere minutes, and zero ongoing support is required. 


2. Flexibility - you have tremendous flexibility in terms of integration, customization, feature updates and more.  Open source based systems can be updated by the vendor on the fly (e.g. to respond to changing market conditions) instead of waiting months or years.


3. Product quality - open source based systems tend not to break like their proprietary counterparts; in fact, some have called them bulletproof!

“Open Source based software becomes highly robust at a surprisingly early stage of its development, and mature Open Source products are setting new industry standards for bulletproofness." (Gbdirect 2014)



Download this white paper today to lower your cost and resource expenditure!