call recording software

Call recording systems can seem daunting to those with minimal (if any) technical background, especially small business owners who have their head down in driving business success.


Regardless of your IT savvy level, there are call recording systems available to you. In this ebook, we talk about some of the features, functionality and interoperability you should look for in a call recording system. With these criteria, you're new system will require minimal (if any) support, be incredibly easy to manage and will give you all of the customer service, compliance and risk mitigation tools you need as a small business owner.

Download this ebook to learn:


  • What types of small businesses is call recording best suited for
  • How affordable call recording can be
  • How quickly you can be up and recording calls
  • How open and interoperable your system can be
  • What compliance capabilities to look out for
  • What questions to ask a call recording solution provider