Survey Results and 30+ quotations!

call recording software

Through dozens of targeted groups on LinkedIn, we asked business professionals across a dozen industries and 15 countries to give us their thoughts on which call center optimization tools are critical to a an enterprise and/or contact center. Some of the feedback turned out to be quite interesting, and all of it we’ve found to be tremendously insightful. This ebook presents the feedback we received in a format that should help you understand ways to improve your business.


This survey consisted of the following 9 tools:


Quality monitoring, 100%/Total call recording, Workforce management, Screen capture/recording, Speech analytics, Surveys, IVR analytics, Mobile phone recording. 

Notable Insights: 

  • For me ultimately it is the quality of the service you are delivering to your customers - no customers then no business. Call monitoring is such a powerful tool when used well.
  • What’s most important is to have an excellent manager who can use all of these tools well.
  • Call recording, quality monitoring and surveying are like the breath and soul of a call center.