Survey Results and 70+ quotations!

call recording software

Through LinkedIn and our own customer base, we asked business professionals across a dozen industries and multiple countries to give us their thoughts on why they record customer calls. Some of the feedback turned out to be quite interesting, and all of it we’ve found to be tremendously insightful. This ebook presents the feedback we received in a format that should help you understand the many ways you can leverage call recording to improve your business.

Highlights of the findings: 



  • 69% use call recordings to ensure quality service and assess agents/collectors
  • 19% use call recordings to verify orders
  • 4% use call recordings to identify breakdowns in the customer service operation


Profound Statements

  • The question is not “why do we record calls”, but how in the world could we possibly function without it? 
  • A recorded call is like a written phone message, but with checks and balances.
  • People overlook the fact that in a call center an employee is 95% of your value. If you have access to a tool (call recording system) that can increase the value of 95% of your company's moronic not to use it.